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As a realtor, getting your message heard in a competitive marketplace can sometimes seem an insurmountable task. The key to being remembered is being persistent and consistent. NHS Print has hundreds of postcard designs to help you do just that. Consider a few of the advantages of postcard marketing:


Postcards are a comparatively low-cost method to mail. In fact, standard postcards are 38% cheaper than using letter-sized mailings.

Continually groom your mailing list by mailing your cards with first class postage and requesting address corrections. This enables you to delete old/bad addresses, improving your list with each mailing.

Well-designed or timely postcards can have a very high impact. Unlike letters, postcards have no envelope hiding their message. It's impossible to throw away a postcard without first reading its message.

Postcards are simple to create and send. With postcards there is no assemby, collation, stuffing, or sealing. The hardest part of sending an NHS postcard is choosing from the hundreds of impactful designs!

Ensure Your Postcard Marketing Campaign is Successful By Following These Simple Steps

1. Keep Your Message Brief

Use your postcard campaign for simple lead generation. Don't try to explain all the details - provide just enough "teaser" information to get your reader to take the next step - visiting your website, calling your office, or attending an open house. The postcard naturally lends itself to short, punchy messages which "stick" with readers.

2. You're Only as Good as Your List

Regardless of what type of mailing campaign you're planning, your recipient list will determine your success. Typically, an in-house list will outperform a rented list by a large margin. If you choose to use a rented list, be sure to consult a list broker to ensure it's accuracy and obtain guarantees wherever possible.

3. Design on a Dime

Professional design ensures that the postcard will be read, and quite possibly kept for weeks or months (see our sports schedule and calendar designs!). Hiring designers requires money, time and more than a little expertise of your own. Take advantage of our proven winners, professionally designed printed and delivered directly to you.