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This article was published on: 12/01/2006
BUYER'S GUIDE: Readers' Choice
Top 10 products

Throughout the year, REALTOR® Magazine readers request information about the products that appear in our pages. In late fall, we tally these Reader Service card requests to learn which business tools have most resonated with you over the past year. Given the changing market, which calls for stepped-up efforts to gain clients and market your listings, it's no surprise that direct mail and open house supplies top this year’s list. Computers and software programs also landed in the top 10, showing that you’re eager to adopt the latest tech tools so that you can provide top-notch service and keep your business running smoothly.

NHS Print Top 10 product pick 4th year in a row - One-stop marketing. Spread the word about your services, with everything from colorful postcards and glossy business cards to open house brochures and calendar magnets. Postcards start at $24 for 100. To receive a 15 percent NAR discount, mention code nhsNAR7 when ordering. NewHomeSale LLC, Franklin, Mass., 888/354-6634;

Flower Postcards promote Realtors

By: Branch Smith

Flower Promotion Organization is partnering with NHS Print to offer U.S. Realtors marketing postcards with cut flower design ideas including recipes and care and handling tips. In the coming year, step-by-step designs will be offered seasonally on the NHS Print Web site. Real estate agents can select from 2 card sizes to purchase and customize them with their own logos, photos and contact info. Stan Pohmer of FPO said there are more than 400,000 Realtors in the U.S. On average, 50% send out 5,000 direct-mail pieces each month. NHS will also offer magnets featuring flower care and handling cards.

Flower Promotion Organization Tries New Tactics
Source: Flower Promotion Organization
Published Greenhouse Grower - July 2006

Believe it or not, there are over 400,000 realtors in the US, all of whom try to keep their name or 'brand' in front of past, current and future home buyers by sending out monthly mailings; on average 50% of these realtors send out over 5000 direct mail pieces each month! And the majority of the postcards and other marketing elements are supplied to the realtors by, where the agent simply provides the contact messages, selects the card template, and NHS prints the customized materials for mailing.
Flower PostcardsWhile most of the mailings just list the agent's contact information along with some housing specific information, there's a growing trend toward providing something that consumers will retain for fun or future use, such as cookie recipes. Starting in June 2006, these agents will now be able to have their postcards printed up with Flower Recipes provided by the Flower Promotion Organization, with credit given to our website! These postcards are being featured on the home page of and, according to the initial orders, this new category is taking off faster than any other new category that's ever been offered, so the realtors are seeing the positive link between home and flowers.

Next in the development process are refrigerator magnets featuring flowers and flower care & handling cards. This new partnership supports the FPO mission -- showing people how to use and enjoy flowers in their homes -- and having the real estate industry as partners in this effort makes great sense. We now have an
opportunity to expose flowers in a whole new way to a whole new audience
in a non-traditional way.

This is just one more step in the evolution of the FPO's integrated consumer communications where we utilize and reinforce all of the different elements (PR activities, and websites, TV demos, advertising/promotion, and now the realtor partnerships) into one sustainable and leveraged message to help educate and inspire consumers to use and enjoy flowers everyday. If you have any questions or need additional information on this program, please contact Stan Pohmer or Will Carlson ( or 989-834-1322).

Thanks for your continued interest and support of the FPO's programs and


O. Stanley Pohmer, Jr.
Executive Director, Flower Promotion Organization

Marketing Materials are Abloom for Real Estate Agents
NHS Print Partners with Flower Promotion Organization to Offer Flower Decorating Marketing Materials

When it comes to buying and selling homes, it seems flowers are always in the mix. With that in mind, NHS Print has partnered with The Flower Promotion Organization to offer agents successful marketing tools featuring fresh-cut flower design ideas and inspiration that has initial and retentive appeal to new and existing clients.

Beginning in June, NHS Print will present agents with a variety of customized direct marketing collateral ranging from post cards to refrigerator magnets, printed with various “flower recipes” and care and handling tips. In the coming year, more than 16 step-by-step flower designs will be offered seasonally on the NHS Print website at Agents will have the opportunity to select recipe designs in two card sizes and have them customized with their logos, photos and contact information.

“We are excited to offer yet another creative tool for agents to appeal to current and potential customers,” said NHS Print. “The new flower designs are simply striking and are sure to be a successful, eye-catching marketing tool as well as a way to keep local agents top of mind among homeowners.”

Stan Pohmer from The Flower Promotion Organization believes the new partnership will be successful for all involved.

“Not only will real estate agents have the chance to tap into the innate love of flowers to attract clients, but this new format will give us the opportunity to teach homeowners how to beautify spaces with flowers,” said Pohmer. “The Flower Promotion Organization is committed to offering consumers design ideas and inspiration to ultimately encourage the consistent use of flowers in the home.”

Creating a Presence:

Postcards Help California Realtor Build Her Reputation
Published RIS Media 01/17/05

For Jan Ralph, a six-year Realtor with Morgan Lane Real Estate in Sonoma, California, staying one step ahead is all about getting your name out there—and keeping it there. Among the methods she relies on to do so? Regular postcard mailings from

Ralph began utilizing the nhs print postcards about two years ago, on the recommendation of Morgan Lane's CEO. Morgan Lane Real Estate has several offices and serves the northern California areas of Sonoma, Napa, St. Helena and Lake Tahoe. Upon receiving the recommendation, Ralph got on the nhs print website and immediately liked what she saw. She's been a loyal customer ever since.

While Ralph doesn't always see direct business as a result of the mailers, she gains something much more valuable: brand awareness. "It's name recognition," she explains. "For example, my letter carrier said to me, 'You're a very good Realtor—I see your signs, I always pick up your mail and you work very hard.' It's all word of mouth." Ralph entered into real estate six years ago after being a housewife. "My husband died and I didn't have any skills. I worked as a real estate assistant and I looked at other Realtors and figured if they could do it, I could do it, too."

While Ralph sends her own personal Christmas cards, the nhs print postcards are utilized for just about everything else, including "Just Listed" and "Just Sold," holidays, and cards that invite customers to call her for a competitive market analysis. "My favorite is 'Fall Back' that alerts customers to Daylight Savings Time," she adds. "I have gotten calls from people who say, 'I want you to look at my home—I'm not going to sell,' but when they're ready to, they remember me." Ralph's direct mail efforts are not only building name recognition, but are helping her target new areas of business. One such target area at present are non-owner occupied properties. "The rental market in Sonoma has slowed down," she explains. "I have a farm area of investors in the non-owner occupied segment. I pull up the tax records and it tells me if the owners don't live on the property. A gentleman called me after getting my mailing with a duplex he was thinking of selling."

With other direct mail programs available, Ralph is loyal to nhs print's products due to the outstanding service from her customer service rep and the quality of the cards themselves. "There's never been a typo and my name stands out in big, red letters. The graphics are also great. When I start with something and I like it, I'm a very loyal person."

— Maria Patterson

The 'Art' of Self Promotion.
Published RIS Media 11/04/04

It may sound like a cliche but consistent self promotion, especially in the real estate industry, is the key to a successful career. We all know that in this business your reputation is one of the most important drivers of new customers. But how do potential customers get to know who you are and what you do? It's through the "art" of self promotion. Self promotion can take many forms. It may be as simple as participating in local organizations, getting to know people and getting them to know what you do. It can also be as difficult as picking up the phone and making cold calls introducing yourself to people in your area. No matter how you choose to do it, self promotion requires a consistent dedication of placing your name and face in front of potential customers in your area.

A simple but effective form is a direct mail campaign. Postcard mailings are a great way of introducing yourself to a new marketing area as well as keeping you in touch with your existing and past customers. There are many postcard themes being offered so that you will able to keep your mailings interesting. Seasonal and holiday reminders such as Daylight Saving, Thanksgiving, Halloween, New Year, Calendars, Fourth of July are just a few. For the sports enthusiast, postcards featuring professional team schedules are great since they are usually kept for the entire season. This is in addition to the everyday Just-Listed or Just-Sold postcard mailers.

In order to achieve the best results, however, personal promotion postcards should be mailed at least once a month to the same customer base. This should include friends, family, previous customers, neighbors, members of groups and organizations that you are affiliated with as well as neighborhoods where you would like to do business. Consistent marketing has proven to achieve results time and time again. While at any given moment a majority of your customers are probably not actively considering buying or selling a home, with consistent marketing, chances are they will call you when they're ready.

— nhs print

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